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Call for Papers—Abstract Preparation


All abstracts must be submitted electronically using the web-based submission. The deadline for submission of abstracts is To Be Announced. Guidelines for abstract preparation are provided below and should be read carefully prior to preparing your abstract. Abstracts submitted to the DRC may not be submitted to the EMC.


The abstract will be used by the Technical Program Committee as the sole basis for acceptance of the paper for presentation. Thus, the abstract should clearly communicate the new and significant results that have been obtained. Accepted summaries will be reproduced exactly as submitted in the Device Research Conference Digest, which is published by IEEE. Therefore, submitted abstracts should read like a short paper and be suitable for publication. Time and effort spent constructing a clear, concise, and well-written abstract will maximize the chances of paper acceptance. New and significant work is a prerequisite for paper acceptance; previously published results will be rejected automatically.

Abstracts should clearly state:
  • The objective of the work;
  • The results and accomplishments and their significance;
  • The advancement over previous work;
Questions regarding abstract preparation should be forwarded to John Kymissis, Technical Program Chair.


The format for Device Research Conference abstracts consists of one page of text and one page of figures. Pages should be ANSI A (8.5 X 11 in.) or ISO A4 (210 X 297 mm) with margins of 1 in or 2.5 cm on all edges and font size not less than 10 pt. The abstract must be converted to Adobe PDF or Microsoft Word format for electronic submission.

The text page should include the authors' names, address, affiliation, telephone number, and email address. Figures should be clearly labeled and captioned so that they can be understood independent of the text page. All text embedded in the figures must be greater than 8 pt font size. References to prior work should be included as a footnote at the end of the text page.

Two example abstracts from the 2004 conference prepared in PDF format can be downloaded HERE. Please note, these abstracts are provided for reference only and may not follow all of the 2013 abstract preparation guidelines.


All abstracts must be submitted electronically using the web-based submission. Do not e-mail or mail hardcopies of the abstract. An IEEE copyright form is required prior to consideration of the abstract for presentation at the DRC. At the time of abstract submission, you must download and complete the IEEE copyright form. This form should be forwarded to John Kymissis, Technical Program Chair.

For consideration of your abstract, the following information must be entered on the website before your abstract is uploaded.
  • Name, mailing address, phone, and e-mail of the first author;
  • Names and affiliations of the co-authors;
  • Complete contact information of the corresponding author if other than the first author;
  • Identification of the abstract as invited or student paper;
  • Assignment of abstract category based on the topics that are provided.
If you encounter problems at any point in the abstract submission process, please contact the DRC Abstract Help Desk by sending e-mail to or by calling the DRC-Help line at 814-865-9326 during regular business hours, Eastern Time.


Best Student Paper Award: Papers that are based on the independent research of the graduate student who is presenting the work are eligible for the Best Student Paper Award. THE ABSTRACT MUST BE IDENTIFIED AS A STUDENT PAPER AT THE TIME OF ABSTRACT SUBMISSION. The award is made based on the quality of the written abstract and the oral or poster presentation. The awards will be presented at the 72nd Annual Device Research Conference.

Student Travel Support: Graduate student travel support is available for students who are presenting papers at the DRC. Requests for travel assistance should be made in writing to Suman Datta, DRC General Chair. The deadline for requesting travel support will be provided soon.

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